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With the goal of detonating the bleak uniformity of tech journalism, in 2023 Logic(s) became a global platform for Black, Queer and Asian scholars, creatives, activists, farmers, poets, immigrants to substantially investigate the role of technology in society, suture together a different kind of conversation on new terms!

Logic(s)’ re-envisioning of tech journalism requires deepening our material commitment to our intergenerational contributors and staff in such a way that centers communities instead of profit. Materializing the ideas in the magazine within the real world requires building an infrastructure to mentor, resource and engage the growing team of people who make each issue possible. Even with Foundation support, our subscribers, and a home at Columbia University, we are far short of having the resources to achieve this vision.

Membership support helps us:

    support the ethical translation of articles;
    continue to invest in politically informed and technically trained fact-checking;
    transition our editorial, fact checking and copy-editing team farther away from the precarity of freelance opportunities toward offering full-time, benefits eligible positions;
    invest deeply in mentorship for our contributors and team to enrich the quality of the stories we release and provide an alternate career path for those who want to engage ideas deeply without competing on the academic job market;
    curate virtual and live event series that continue conversations provoked by the Logic(s) magazine in spaces outside of the most resourced US coastal cities. World building for joy, connection and learning must include — but extend well beyond — the pages of each issue.


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