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Tech Against Trump (Print + Digital)

Image of Tech Against Trump (Print + Digital)

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Tech Against Trump, Logic's first book.

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Assembled by the editors of Logic, Tech Against Trump is a new book chronicling the rising tide of anti-Trump resistance by tech workers and technologists.

The book consists of interviews with a wide range of individuals either working within the tech sector to oppose Trump, or using technology to resist the Administration's agenda. It also features watercolor portraits and protest drawings by San Francisco artist Gretchen Röehrs.

The book includes the following interviews:
  • “A World To Win” with Matt Schaefer and Kristen Sheets from the Tech Workers Coalition
  • “Organizing the Valley” with Maria Noel Fernandez from Silicon Valley Rising
  • “The Other Tech Workers” with David Huerta from SEIU United Service Workers West
  • “Solidarity Forever” with Maciej Cegłowski from Tech Solidarity
  • “Encrypt Like Everyone’s Watching” with Steve Phillips from CrypTag
  • “Border Control” with Alex Gil from the Device Security at the Border Workshop
  • “The War On Data” with Laurie Allen from DataRefuge
  • “The Great California Firewall” with Dave Maass from the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • “It Can Happen Here” with Valerie Aurora and Ka-Ping Yee from the Never Again pledge
  • “This Platform Kills Fascists” with Nathan Schneider on Platform Cooperativism
  • “Saving Net Neutrality” with Ernesto Falcon from the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • “Hacking Abortion Access” with Kate Bertash and other organizers of the Abortion Access Hackathon
  • “The Lean Resistance” with Jason Putorti and Jen Aprahamian from Resistbot