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PREORDER: Issue 10: Security (Print + Digital)

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Since the beginning, humans have made tools in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The simplest hut shelters you from at least some of the elements; a bow and arrow spares you from doing hand-to-hand combat with a sabertooth tiger; a writing implement lets you tell future generations how to do the same. And yet, even now, there are no guarantees. Internet transmissions are inherently leaky. Becoming “smart” can make the most banal object hackable: your toaster becomes part of a botnet; your baby’s crib is a spy. Digital platforms have created new kinds of precarity, as they disrupt workplaces and algorithms handle scheduling and benefits.

This issue looks at how we use technologies to stay safe—and the novel dangers that these same technologies create.

All pre-orders also receive a special edition zine: The Making of the Tech Worker Movement, by Ben Tarnoff.

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We expect to release the issue at end of April 2020.

A digital download of the issue is included with the print edition, and will be emailed to the ordering email address after the issue release.

We can currently only ship to the United States. If you live internationally and would be interested in receiving the print edition in the future, please let us know by answering a few questions.