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Logic comes out three times a year, so you'll receive all three issues, starting with Issue #1: Intelligence.

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Available to ship March 15, 2017.

The issue includes:

  • Ava Kofman on DIY brain scanners.
  • Tim Hwang on collective intelligence failure in the Age of Trump.
  • Juan Llamas-Rodriguez on border patrol robots.
  • Conrad Amenta on the industrialization of medicine.
  • Miriam Posner on the feminization of front-end coding.

And more...


Coming Summer 2017.

Our Sex issue will explore technology and sexuality.

How are people using new tools to fulfill, expand, or transform their sexuality? Is technology liberating users to pursue their true desires? Creating new pleasures, pressures? What even is sex?


Coming Winter 2017

Our Justice issue will look at how technology impacts, and is impacted by, the idea and the practice of justice.

How do the criminal justice system and the security state use technology? How can technologies shape issues of social, environmental, and racial justice? How do different communities access technology? How might we more justly distribute its benefits?